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Russian contemporary painter and engraver in Naples

Selected Works


Yana Kapina

Born 13/07/1989 in Syktyvkar, the  Republic of Komi, USSR. Obtains a bachelor degree in Penal Psychology in 2011  in Vologda, Russia, in Linguistics in 2014 in Thunder Bay, Canada and in Visual Arts in the Neapolitan Academy of Fine Arts in 2019.

From 2015 starts studying in the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples. Specializes in experimental languages of painting, engraving and sculpture, researching for unknown yet shapes.

In 2017 her  engravings receive Special  Mention at “Primo  Premio Grafica Italiana” of National Association of Italian Engravers.

In 2018 another engraving becomes  a finalist of  VI  Bienal di Grabado Aguafuerte (Valladolid, Spain).

In 2019 her photo project “Dry Point” becomes a finalist of V Biennale of Modern Photography (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg) and a winner of ARCIPELAGO contest curated by MAMBO (Bologna) in 2019.


2016Lo sguardoPortico 340, Napoli
2016Cellophane, Cellophane…Castello Ducale (Bisaccia,Italy)
2017PortArtiAcademy of Fine Arts (Naples, Italy)
2017RiflessioniLa Congrega di S,.Giovanni (Maddaloni, Italy)
2017Porticato GaetanoPinacoteca di Gaeta (Gaeta, Italy)
2017Incisori ItalianiCastello di Vigonza (Padua, Italy)
2018Arte PadovaPadova Fiere (Padua, Italy)
2018VI Bienal di Grabado AguafuerteDeputaciòn di Valladolid, (Valladolid, Spain)
2018La parola all’immagineVillaricca City Palace (Villaricca, Italy)
2019V Biennale of Modern PhotographyRussian State Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2019ArcipelagoRocca di Bentivoglio (Bologna, Italy)


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Napoli, 80129

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